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The Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing Laboratory was established April 1, 2008 as a research and teaching unit in the Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering of Kansai University in Osaka, Japan.

The laboratory comprises 5 research projects:
  • Active Noise Control (ANC): ANC for MRI and factory noise, Speech communication system under high-level sound noise, ANC using parametric array loudspeakers (PAL), Head-mounted ANC system
  • 3D Audio: Virtual sound system using head-mounted system, Sound field rendering based on the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method, Virtual sound system using PAL
  • Linearization of acoustic device: Linearization of loudspeaker systems using Volterra filters, Linearization of loudspeaker systems using Mirror filters, Linearization of PAL
  • Acoustic Design for Transducer: Acoustic design support system for compact acoustic transducers, Acoustic analyses for compact acoustic transducers using finite element method (FEM) and FDTD
  • Biometrics: Personal authentication system based on utterance, Personal authentication system based on ear related transfer function (ERTF)
We must establish information and communication systems appropriate to the 21st century. Signal processing has a significant bearing on the shape of the information and communication systems. It is very essential for the education of future generations of scientists and engineers to meet this research area. In our research laboratory, prospective scientists and engineers can acquire the cutting edge technologies of signal processing and its applications. We also continue to provide a prospective vision of the evolution of signal processing and contribute to new developments in this field.
Prof. Yoshinobu Kajikawa
Call for Lab. Members
Visitors as well as students and postdocs who want to study and research here are always welcome. We always accept applicants to the followings:
  • Master's degree programs: Normally two years. Required to finish a master's thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • Ph.D degree programs: Normally three years after getting the master's degree. Required to finish a Ph.D thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • Research student programs: A program for student who plans to enter a graduate school. This program is available for international students who have a specific research theme and wish to receive academic advice in one of the graduate schools.
Applicants to the JSPS postdoc fellowship are also welcome. JSPS provides several postdoc grants for foreign young researchers. If you are finishing your Ph.D study at your university and have an interest in our research topics (see Research Publications), please contact Prof. Kajikawa (kaji (at) kansai-u.ac.jp).
Any interested people, please consult the following web sites as well:

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